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Reliable Roofing Contractors In Rahway NJ  

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Are you looking to find the best roofing contractors near Rahway NJ True Roofing Roofing will allow you to stop worrying about your roof and instead focus on living in your home.

We know that damaged or old roofs can pose a risk to your property. We can help. True Roofing-Roofing specializes on all types of roofs. Our work is proud. No matter if you need a repair or complete replacement, our team has the experience and skills to do the job quickly and efficiently.

Residential Roofing in Rahway NJ

Your home is the most prized and valuable item you own. It also has the greatest protection against water damage. The details of roofing can seem overwhelming and complex. We are able to help you whether you need a residential roof installed, roof replacement or roof repair.

  • Residential Roof Installation
  • Residential Roof Replacement
  • Residential Roof Repair  

Commercial Roofing in Rahway NJ 

Security is vital for a business or commercial site. It affects its daily operations, equipment, workspaces and inventory. We take it seriously when a roof is leaking or causing damage to your business. We offer commercial roofing services to Rahway NJ in addition to the surrounding communities.

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Commercial Roof Installation & Replacement Services

We can help you with a commercial roof replacement. We provide both replacement and installation of commercial roofing. So you can be confident that we will handle it efficiently and effectively. We will give you the best options, then make recommendations that fit your needs and budget. Then you'll be ready to make your decision.

  • Built Up Roofing
  • EPDM Roofing
  • Modified Bitumen Roofing  
  • PVC Roofing
  • TPO Roofing
  • Spray-On Silicone Roof Coatings
  • Flat Roofing
  • Rubber Roofing       

Commercial Roof Repair

If your commercial roof is in good shape, we'll gladly repair it for you. This will extend its lifespan until you decide to replace. If it increases liability or costs more than the replacement cost, repair is better than replacement. We can provide an expert opinion based upon 1000s of successful jobs, no matter what your situation. You can then decide.

Built Up Roofing in Rahway NJ  

Built up roofing refers to a traditional method of roofing. Multiple layers of asphalt felts are laid onto the roof deck for protection from water leaks. This type of commercial roofing is very popular and may be the right fit for you.

Modified Bitumen Roofing in Rahway NJ      

Bituminous waterproofing systems use asphaltic materials (modified bitumen). This is then rolled, brushed or sprayed onto porous, waterproofed felts or other fabrics.

Roofing Rubber Roofing  

Rubber roofing is used primarily over flat roofs. It can also be used to cover sections of residential roofs. There are three main types: EPDM, PVC and TPO.

EPDM Roofing in Rahway NJ      

EPDM roofing is very popular and can be applied in multiple ply options depending on the property owner's needs.

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PVC Roofing in Rahway NJ  

PVC Roofing provides a variety benefits, including a low-maintenance system that is energy efficient, durability, and energy efficiency. PVC roofs, made entirely from natural materials, are considered 100% sustainable and recyclable.

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TPO Roofing in Rahway NJ        

Thermoplastic olefin (TPO), is a roofing material that was invented in 1980. TPO roofing is a versatile single-ply roofing material that can be installed many different ways to provide the best fit for property owners. It's becoming very popular in recent years and it is always worth looking at.

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Flat Roofing in Rahway NJ  

Flat roofing is designed to provide a seamless surface that resists water penetration. Because it is flat and minimalistic, it can cover large spaces efficiently.

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Roof Replacement in Rahway NJ        

A roof replacement may be an option if your commercial or residential roof is reaching the end of its useful life and it is not economically feasible to repair. Call us to schedule a free inspection.

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Roof Repair in Rahway NJ  

As we mentioned, we would always prefer to fix a roof and help you save $1000's. As long as the roof can be fixed and there is no added liability, or the cost to replace it, we will recommend that it be repaired.

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Metal Roofing in Rahway NJ        

Metal roofing is an exceptional option for commercial and residential properties. Metal roofing can last for a lifetime when properly maintained. It is a popular choice because of its aesthetic appeal and durability. They are resistant to severe weather, such as hailstorms and hurricanes. They can also last for up to 70 year. Metal roofs are a low-maintenance and long-lasting roofing option.

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Tile Roofing in Rahway NJ  

The benefits and durability of tile roofs are comparable to metal roofs. Although they can last for a lifetime and don't require any maintenance, tiles roofs are more costly than other roofing systems.

Contact True Roofing - Roofing For Your Roofing Needs Today!      

Our roofing contractors are aware that roof troubles can be extremely stressful for you, your family and friends. Therefore, we offer free inspections to inspect your home and affordable service plans so that you can rest assured knowing your home will be in good hands.

Call True Roofing - Roofing today to speak with a roofing contractor about your options for protecting and maintaining your home. Let our team of experts help protect your home against roof damage. We offer affordable service plans that will keep your home in top condition.

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